What We Do

Upwords digs deeper for valuable insights.

We pair our Activity Based Conversations™, with new, leading edge technologies to have deeper, more meaningful conversations. We then translate this data into actionable insights that inform better business decisions in a variety of areas, presented with clarity. This can include:

  • Strategic or exploratory work on brands and products
  • Approaches to formulating messaging
  • Informing customer journeys, personas and segmentation
  • Decisions on how to execute marketing and communications initiatives

Our clients love that Upwords gets more quality time with participants compared to traditional qualitative research methods. That happens because participants have fun completing a range of creative and engaging activities in any given study. We believe that if participating is something people enjoy, the results will be that much more genuine and the insights more valuable.

From quick pulse checks to in-depth exploratory studies, our online tools include:

  • Discussion forums/bulletin boards
  • Journals and blogs
  • Online communities
  • Mobile ‘ethnography’
  • Focus groups or in-depth-interviews
  • Hybrid studies (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Real-time conversations analyzed by Machine Learning tools (quantitative/qualitative)
  • Iterative idea optimization studies

Sometimes in-person qualitative research techniques are needed and we offer expertise in these areas too.

*Activity Based Conversations™ co-developed between Layla Shea and Kate Dennis.