• Promotion

    Upwords Promotes Bronwen Ward

    It is with great pleasure and immense gratitude that I announce the promotion of Bronwen Ward to Director of Insights…

  • Better than average effect

    I’m Better Than That!

    In one of our recent online qualitative research studies, 29 out of 30 people claimed they expected to pay less…

  • How Failing Fast Helps You Succeed Sooner

    ‘If you’re not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything original’. This statement, made by Sir Ken…

  • Artificial Intelligence

    In An AI World Where Do Humans Belong?

    Artificial Intelligence or AI as it’s also called is all around us. More and more aspects of our lives are…

  • Job description

    Upwords Is Hiring an Insights Coordinator!

    Upwords is growing and seeks an Insights Coordinator to join our core team! Have you dreamed of working flexible hours…

  • Qualitative Research

    No Time For Qualitative Research? No Problem.

    Many clients we’ve spoken with over the past year have expressed a dilemma. While they appreciate the value of qualitative…

  • When big ideas are in question and the clock is ticking, iterative research can help

    We’re in a world that loves buzz words in business, particularly in marketing and market research. Right when you want…

  • The Lipstick Disconnect

    Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with a colleague about organizations who may market themselves and their products reasonably well,…

  • Helping to shape the future of qualitative researchers!

    The Upwords team is celebrating. Bronwen Ward, Insights Manager at Upwords and core team member has recently been invited to…

  • A Question is a Question – Unless it’s an Activity

    As a mom, I was starting to get frustrated with conversations that went like this: Me: How was your day?…